We offer complete pond and waterfall installation from start to finish. We also do service (spring clean-out, fall netting, etc.) all of our own features as a service to our existing customers to guarantee their pond will be kept looking the way it was intended year after year. We also can do design consultation work solely for any do-it-yourselfers out there, however during the consultation we strongly urge that we do the actual install to ensure the signature look we are known for providing. Repairs are also a tricky subject that we do to a certain degree. Repairs to our work is a given, actually it's a guarantee, but when it comes to working on someone else's problems we tend to shy away. The reason being is that most (99%) of the ponds and waterfalls we get called out to "repair" are constructed wrong from the ground up, we almost always end up doing a re-do on the system instead of a repair, that way we can guarantee our work and the customer gets a brand new properly installed system. I always use the analogy of a roofer, the roofer will put the roof on your house but if the framer did not build a single solid or square wall how can the roofer guarantee his job. Most projects need to be started right from the ground up, that's exactly what we can do for you. Ponds done right the first time, GUARANTEED !

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