From the start of our water gardening career we have been focused on education. Actually an educational event was what got us into the industry to begin with. Because of our first experience at Build-A-Pond Day, we committed to our next educational venture...Pond College. Pond College, deamed Pondemonium, is a week long seminar based in Chicago, that happens in the middle of our season. Every year that we attend (now our 11th year in a row), this event fills us with excitement, knowledge, and inspiration. We try to emerse ourselves in everything water gardening to ensure we are the best educated contractor in the industry. We were proud to have achieved our Certified Aquascape Contractor status and we have put a lot of time, money, and effort maintaining that level of certification.  In 2010 we also were awarded the Midwest Character Award amongst this select group of CAC's.

Our latest achievement came as no surprise to our talented group of artists.  Aquascape, Inc. the World's largest water garden manufacturer named us, 'Atrists of the Year'!  Having been selected amongst the best of the best across North America we wear this badge of honor with pride and continue to set the bar higher everyday to continually strive for excellence!

We are happy to be Missouri's 1st Water Garden Excellence member, a program that is geared towards connecting contractors with retailers in the local garden market.

We also participate in as many of the competitions we are able to attend. In 2005 we were awarded 2nd Place in the North American Pond and Waterfall Building Contest. In 2007 we were crowned with the honor of 1st Place in the North American Pond and Waterfall Building Contest. Note: That's not just the Best in the nation....that's the Best in North America!

We truly love what we do and it shows.
1st Place North American Pond & Waterfall Building Contest

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